Boucing Pink Bow Tie Ribbon Delightfully Depressed ♀

I came downstairs this morning to a pot of coffee and pumpkin spice creamer waiting for me.
I have the best parents.♡

Anonymous: How long has your relationship lasted?

3 years and a few months. c: ♡

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chanel-champagne: xx
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Guard makeup from Saturday’s competition♡

sometimes it’s literally the only thing i can think about and it’s like someone screaming into both ears at one time like "HEY THIS THING HAPPENED TO YOU AND YOU WILL NEVER BE NORMAL OR OKAY EVER AGAIN” and it is the most ridiculous thing ever and it is so impossible to deal with and i don’t understand how i’m supposed to keep making my way through life with these memories of what happened and also all of the awful things that came afterward and i don’t know how to function and i need help

dont want school tomorrow.

only care about band practice.

hate everything else.

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